Free Emmaus Bible Correspondence Courses

Hartlepool is now a centre distributing Emmaus Bible Courses.

Emmaus Bible School Uk is based in the Wirral. Emmaus Bible School was setup with the intention of distributing the Word of God.

We have various courses available that you can do to help you study the Bible.

Emmaus courses are not designed to provide an academic qualification, their main aim is to encourage the diligent study of the Word of God. This will lead to a deeper spiritual maturity and a better equipping of the student for wider service for the Lord.

It is suggested that you complete 12 lessons in 6 to 12 weeks. Whilst working at your own pace, we do expect tests to be submitted on a regular basis. It is in this way that the maximum benefit is obtained. An Emmaus certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of each course of study. These certificates are issued for the completion of a set number of courses. Certain criteria apply.

Most examinations are based upon a multiple choice system. Included in the question papers are 'What do you say?' questions. These are not graded but are given in order that the students may express their personal views freely.

To receive a copy of an emmaus course (and other helpful literature) please send an email to "" stating clearly your full name, postal address including postcode and where you heard about us.

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